5 Pointz Cuatro

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Graffiti is “the biggest art movement the world has ever seen.” – Lady Pink, Graffiti is Legal Documentary. Found probably in every part of the world, it’s great to have such a large and free establishment that artists have access to. 5 Pointz is the “largest aerosol art exhibit space in the United States.”
The powerful thing about 5 pointz is that people from all over the world come to express themselves. One afternoon I was wandering around the area I found Pim making his mark on 5 Pointz, he was from Germany and was really exited to make it onto the wall. Next post I’ll share some photos from Pim’s experience. I’ll also raise a controversial question I hope you’ll weigh in on.

Check out this video until then:


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@ what point did it become taboo to follow your dreams?