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Sharing is Caring

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Gotta love NYC graffiti. A friend was nice enough to snap a pic he thought I’d appreciate. You should too.

12th street and ave c next to a bodega in NYC

Breakdancing Stencil

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Breakdancing Graffiti

Hydrant 365 Days Later

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About a year ago I visited this hydrant. I posted a photo of this same hydrant here. It’s incredible how much transformation has occurred since then isn’t it? 

Hydrant Transformation

Empire Graffiti

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In honor of 4th of July in NYC and the last night of my vacation, I thought I’d post a little something symbolic.

Empire Graffiti


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Located Near: The Williamsburg Bridge by Essex Street and Delancy Street in good ole NYC

Mars Bar Graffiti

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I’m not too sure  but this bar is a punk bar in NYC.  According to the graffiti outside, it’s supposed to be torn down for condos?

Located @: 25 East 1st Street good ole NYC