Chris Columbus by Head Roc

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“Ships with guns, filled with men with swords so filled with the love of the lord that they do whatever necessary for their position. “

Just Listen.

Allston DIY Fest

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You can’t tell me that the flyer above doesn’t grab your attention. If you need something free and cheap to do this weekend? Head over to the Allston DIY Fest at Ringer Park. Two words – Free Everything. You can take your time rolling out of bed since the festival is this Saturday, July 23rd, from 10am to 6pm. But don’t wait too long, you’ll miss all of the good stuff! Bring your friends and family because this event is open to everyone of all ages. It must be noted that while everyone is welcome, “racism, sexism, agism, classism, sizeism, ableism, transphobia and homophobia are uncool and unwelcome!!!” Basically, this is a safe space that is free  of all types of oppression so everyone can have a great time together!

I’m sure I don’t really need to do any convincing past that but I might as well go ahead and share a few reasons why.

#1. Volunteer Run. Organized by a ton of pretty bad ass people who volunteer their time to sharing knowledge and bringing people together. One of the organizers is my roommate and I’ve seen some of the background time and dedication that it takes to organize an event like this together. Shout out to her and everyone else that do awesome things like this for no monetary compensation.

#2. Knowledge Sharing. Education is already too expensive. Why pay for it when you can can get it for free? There will be workshops and skill shares to attend. From fixing a flat to feminism in the media to home brewing. You’ll be able to walk away with newfound knowledge.

#3. Free Market. Yes, I just used to amazing words. I know I’m not the only one who suffers from buyers guilt after I walk out of the store. There is going to be tons of items up for dibs at the festival. Bring an eco-friendly tote bag to take something home in!

#4. Music and other Artists. About 12 different local bands will be playing through a bike generated sound system to get you moving. About 8 acoustic bands will also be entertaining you with their melodious melodies. You can even bring your instrument to jam along with new peeps.

#5. Local Organizations. Get connected with your local area organization’s that do great work. Stop by to see what they’re up to. Use this opportunity to sign up to volunteer or just learn about the cool things the local organizations are up to.

PLUS… You get to meet a whole bunch of cool people like yourself 😉

Find the DIY Fest on Facebook or check out the blog!

Haiku 7

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New music is like
A deep refreshing breath of
Fresh air for the soul

Glub Glub

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I could drown myself in music for hours
Never to gasp a breath of silence

Soul Music

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I am FEELing these beats right now
In a way thats indescribable
Got treble clefts on the mind
Wrapping itself in the crevices of my mind
Pulsating through my ears
Funneling through my soul
Stimulating my senses

Notes skip off of my imagination like rocks skipping across a still body of water
Each note crashing into me subliminal
Creating reverberations through my veins
Thumping.. sending electric pulses that
Making me shudder from the sheer pleasure surging through me
My brain drinking in every fluid ounce of passion and creativity
Empty reservoirs soaking in everything
Never satisfied… thirsty ..
for more music

So thirsty my soul begs for musical notes to be carved into every non-existent skin
Digesting … and craving more..

Fly s#!t

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[Something I wrote on my phone one night]
Tightly gripped…
Hidden nails grip supple legs
A tingling in the spine
One body rolls to the beat
The other body meets the first in unison like ribbons in the wind
Seemingly one
Breasts sway and tremble to the beat.
On her misted skin individual droplets rolling down the curves of her body.
Bare feet dance almost skipping against the water.
Drums fire rhythmic beats through the sweet sweat

Jam Session 4.3

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We rocked the steady beats of the drums and rocked the mic
Under foggy influences
We All jam to our own tune
Yet creatin something fly
Feeding the soul of our song with all the right notes
Heads bop shoulders sway as the beat immerses and buries itself in our souls
Down beats hand claps n undertones of voices
Soulful rhythms of our interconnected beings
The walls, the floor, the beams, the house absorb our creativity
Hips shake and sway bodies undulate
Unchoreographed synced movements
Amazing rhythms created from share essence of human emotion
Eyes closed, some glistening, heads tilted, lips lightly bitten
Hazy concentration
Multiple hues of pigmentation jam together
Dissolving all obvious barriers
Drowning prior histories of hostility
Resurrecting moments of progress
A memorable moment in our lives that could be eternal without complaint

This was written after a beautiful night when St. Francis College and Juniata’s creative energies came together in the basement of a house that was full of musical instruments.