Jamaica Plain

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Check out cool places I’ve visited in Jamaica Plain, MA.

Dame Vintage Boston, Jamaica Plain

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SPRING fashion is IN. If you like sampling your clothing style with a little hint of “back in the day” this is the place to find it. From jewelry and accessories, to unique clothing and funky finds you’re bound to find something you like! You can go in and try on a hat or two or even check out photographs and handmade jewelry from local artists. If shopping is not in your budget, they also have free sewing classes! Who wouldn’t w

ant to add a old skill to their list of talents? Come with your own project or join in on a workshop, it’s all up to you. Whatever your fashion related interest are check DAME VINTAGE BOSTON out and tell all your girlfriends about them too!

Located at: 68 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Hallway Gallery – Jamaica Plain

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As you’re nearing the corner of Carolina Avenue and South Street, S.L.O.W. DOWN! You just might miss this fab space. I almost ran by it despite the fact that I was meandering by. Just wide enough , The Hallway Gallery hosts a collection of works by local artists. In my opinion, this place is a hidden gem. If you pass by at the right time you might even be able to chat with the owner, Brent Refsland, about the work that spans the walls. The gallery is currently exhibiting cool Polaroid photographs taken by 5 local artists. Usually the exhibit rotates every month so you’re bound to find something new. Don’t just stop by for the exhibit; the hallway also plays host to poetry readings, open mic and open model nights, as well as live performance! 

Located at: 66a South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Jamaica Plain – Aviary Gallery & Art Boutique

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This sweet spot recently opened up on March 3rd. It’s current exhibit, Sound on Sight, features photographs taken by local musicians. The photographs are both intriguing and mindful. Not only does Aviary have exhibit space, but they also sell local artists work and host live performance. Definitely a place you should check out!

Located at: 48 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA