Exit Through the Gift Shop

Street Art Documentary by Banksy

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As a graffiti nerd I tend to do research on graffiti. I’m sure I have lots to learn and there are plenty of resources I have yet to explore. I finally stumbled on to Exit Through the Gift Shop A Banksy Film. You’ve seen Banksy before…

Boston Banksy

Banksy is a well known talented artist that has been tagging and bombing for years. This film covers him, a classic graffiti artist, and others such as Shepard Fairey through the different varieties of street art.

What I like about this documentary is that you can’t really understand the significance of the title until you get through the entire film. Exit it Through the Shop highlights how a revolutionary movement can be turned into a commercialized joke. However, it also depicts the genius of an absurd man who thought he understood the premise of graffiti. Thierry Guetta made a joke of graffiti and art culture itself but also showed the share power of revolutionary art. One day it’s underground political statement of free speech and the next day it’s the popular commercialized fad. Such is the power of art.

See it Peeps!