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@ what point did it become taboo to follow your dreams?

Little Big Woman

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(I probably wrote this in 2004/5, somewhere around junior year of HS)

There is a girls, standing on the corner…
Wat u think you know the rest, NO… u don’t
This girl… no this girl is similar yet different
She’s got the mind of a child, the mentality of an infant and what she believes to be the body of an older woman
She thinks that she is a woman, therefore she believes that she is a grown ass woman
She walks the block with mini skirts and jeans that are so tight that they appear to be painted on.
She rocks shirts that reveal a little too much of the little she has. She leaves little to the imagination.
She’s encouraged to be the “woman” that she is by the niggas that hug the block block with all their niggas.
Psst Psst… Yo ma… wats really good ma, they call, and make her feel grown.
Wats ur name ma ? Insecure ma ? That’s a beautiful name ma.
What she doesn’t know is that to them… she not beautiful for the right reasons. She’s beautiful for the being underneath her clothing not the being beneath her soul.
Matter of fact they don’t even know nor do they care that she has a soul
She struggles to be all that she can to the men that HUG THE BLOCK BLOCK WITH ALL THEIR NIGGAS
She sleeps with them in hopes that they will love her… some day… one day.
She thinks that she is in love… because of the fool who tells her she is his everything
Baby u know I love u, he says…you’ll always be my baby she swoons…
Little does she know that if tragedy were to strike, 9 months later, she would no longer have him as her baby because she would have one of her own, n he would no longer love her
Sadly, she don’t
She thrives off men that chill on the corner, she thrives off of the men that thrive off of her ignorance and immaturity.
But maybe if there was someone to talk to that girl and guide her off of that corner… maybe if there was someone to tell her of all that she doesn’t know and all that she thinks she knows … maybe this little girl… that girl on the corner… would know…
Essentially, that girl that walks that block with mini skirts, jeans that appear to be painted on, and shirts that reveal a little too much of the little she has…
is all alone