Urban Music Festival 2011

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A quarter of last year's crowd

For those of you who don’t know, Boston Urban Music Fest, formerly known as the Peace Hip Hop Festival, is coming up this weekend. On Saturday, August 6th from 5-8 PM there will be hip hop emanating from City Hall Plaza in Downtown Boston.  I attended the Urban Music Festival last year and had a great time. Best part, it was FREE! Last year, Wiz Khalifa, Ryan Leslie, & M-Dot was received very well by the audience. Maybe a little too well. Memorable moment – Wiz Khalifa walked onto the stage and greeted hundreds of adoring fans. Metal barricades could do nothing to hold the crowd back from springing onto the the stage and converging as a mob onto the stage to spend some QT time with Wiz. While the moment was  a little hectic, police were able to get the crowd back behind the barriers with threats of being denied of seeing Khalifa perform. Ryan Leslie did his things and swooned the crowd. I can’t say i remember M-Dot but the crowd definitely had a good time. Even the Mayor showed his face to impart a few words to you youth of Boston.

P.S. Just a few words of advice… if you’d like to get a better view of the performance get there early. Also, there’s no seating so wear comfy shoes since you’ll be standing on cold hard concrete for a few hours.

Enough about last year, what’s happening this year?

~ We’ll, it’s still FREE! so there’s no reason you shouldn’t check it out.

~ Sound system – For an outdoor Hip Hop muisc festival on City Hall Plaza the speakers are pretty good.

~ Live music outdoors – If you haven’t been to an outdoor music festival for the summer you need to get on it.

Aaaandddd… you get to share some personal space with other Boston hip hop enthusiasts.

See you there Peeps!


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