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Boston GreenFest 2011

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This time last year I was still getting my feet wet around Boston! After less than a month of being in Boston I was volunteering at Boston’s Greenfest as a photographer. I’d found out about the Fest from a friend who came all the way from New York to volunteer and meet some of the designers from the Eco-Fashion show that was being held in Government Center. The Eco-Fashion show was only the tip of the iceberg. Check out the photos below!

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I don’t expect any less from this year festival and I can’t wait to experience it with my best friend. GreenFest started on Thursday, August 18th from Noon to 10am when the party moves to the Hard Rock Cafe for the rest of the night through Saturday, August 20th  from 11am to 8pm. Check out the schedule of events here. There will be performances, exhibits, eco-fashion and accessories, music, food vendors, artwork for sale, films, martial art performances, and fun things to entertain kids!

How to get there?

Take the green route when you head over this weekend. Walk, bike or take the Green Line or Blue Line train to Government Center near City Hall Plaza, the Orange Line to State Street, or the Red Line to Downtown Crossing. And don’t forget your reusable water bottles! There will be a water station available to refill your bottles to decrease the number of plastic bottles being used.

The weather is supposed to be nice on Saturday, get out and HAVE FREE FUN PEEPS!

Photo of the Month

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What does this photo of the month make you think about?

T’is the Night Before NPS 2011

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T’is the night before the the official start of the National Poetry Slam 2011. Not a creature was sleeping, not even the poets. Tonight, Middle East, was rocking until well after midnight. Tonight, one of Cambridge ‘s most popular hub for music, food, and Boston culture was host to Bee-Cool Poetry/Music Mashup . I happened to head over to the Middle East around 8:30 last night to get a lil sampling of local and national talent. I got more than I bargained for and then some. Since it was free to get in, I was more than thrilled about the experience already. But then… there were poets.  Junior performers whose hands still shook and the long timers whose voices bellowed through the crowd and commanded attention. There were singers and rappers and those who love to support them. Mosaic played too! They peppered the poets powerful prose with complimentary notes. With standing room only for much of the night you could have mistaken it for a semi-final. Working my way up through the crowd took some time, but eventually I was directly in front of the brave folks who let their voices be heard.

I was so hyped I quickly forgot the plans I’d made of “heading home early since I have work tomorrow.” Hours after ‘early’ and I’m still up after 1:30 because I couldn’t drag myself away to cuddle up warm in my bed while the poets “spit hot fiyah” haha. I couldn’t resist sharing some of tonight’s energy with you. While I didn’t record any of the poets I did note one that I enjoyed.

Please meet, Regie Gibson.

So ready and inspired for the competition this week!

Chris Columbus by Head Roc

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“Ships with guns, filled with men with swords so filled with the love of the lord that they do whatever necessary for their position. “

Just Listen.

“The Superbowl of Poetry” is Coming to Boston!

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If haven’t you heard already you either don’t enjoy poetry enough or you’ve been living under a rock. It’s been all over the local papers and on the radio. I’ve been awaiting this moment since I saw the banner flying on JFK Street in Cambridge near Harvard Square – The National Poetry Slam is coming to Boston! As a poetry fiend I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be present for a mass ideas and voices of the people from all over the country. From 10:30am on Tuesday, August 9th through Saturday you can enjoy 75 poetry teams from across the country perform to win the title of National Poetry Slam winners. Since there are over 100 events will be running throughout the week, you can probably find some time to get to at least one of them.

While this isn’t one of those free opportunities I usually post about but I can’t pass up convincing you to check out at least one of the many opportunity to listen to modern poetry. Even though it isn’t cheap, it’s also relatively inexpensive – see event pricing here. The teams of people who helped put this event together worked very hard to make the experience extremely accessible to anyone who wished to attend. Whether you’re brand new Beantown or  you’ve been around for a while there’s a comprehensive festival guide. The great thing is that the poets will be performing at stages in local Boston and Cambridge centers for culture. Each setting will have a unique ambiance and energy. Even if you’re not a lover of poetry I recommend you check these events out. They’re founding goal is to “bring poetry to people that wouldn’t engage with it otherwise. So they’re bringing it here just for you!

What’s my motive in encouraging you to check out the NPS even though it’s not free? Well it’s incredibly simple, poetry is near and dear to my heart. I began writing poetry when I was in JHS. By the time I entered my senior year of HS I’d collected a lot of various pieces that I was rather proud of. Unfortunately those poems were deemed ‘lost’ at the end of a stressful chapter of my life. While I wanted to give up on writing because I thought I’d lost a significant piece of my identify I chose to start fresh. One of the first poems I tried to rebuild from memory was “College in the Boondocks” which was a celebration of the new chapter in life I was about to embark on, College. I participated in my first poetry slams at college and place in all but 1 of the 3 contest I performed in. I’ve haven’t been on the stage in a while so I’m hoping the poets performing during the competition will not only engage my mind, but also stimulate my creative energies.

So, I give myself a 5 day challenge. Write everyday. I constantly find myself talking about how much I should write rather than actually putting ink to paper. And of course, I’ll share what I come up with along the way.

Check out the official National Poetry Slam blog here.

Enjoy Peeps!

Tribute to HipHop

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As a little compliment to the last post I wanted to share these videos.


“Hip-Hop does not wear diamond earrings. Diamond earrings that were mined by African children of war.”


“How I miss the days when hip-hop was fun, how I miss the days when hip-hop was fun, how I miss the days when hip-hop was one.”

Urban Music Festival 2011

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A quarter of last year's crowd

For those of you who don’t know, Boston Urban Music Fest, formerly known as the Peace Hip Hop Festival, is coming up this weekend. On Saturday, August 6th from 5-8 PM there will be hip hop emanating from City Hall Plaza in Downtown Boston.  I attended the Urban Music Festival last year and had a great time. Best part, it was FREE! Last year, Wiz Khalifa, Ryan Leslie, & M-Dot was received very well by the audience. Maybe a little too well. Memorable moment – Wiz Khalifa walked onto the stage and greeted hundreds of adoring fans. Metal barricades could do nothing to hold the crowd back from springing onto the the stage and converging as a mob onto the stage to spend some QT time with Wiz. While the moment was  a little hectic, police were able to get the crowd back behind the barriers with threats of being denied of seeing Khalifa perform. Ryan Leslie did his things and swooned the crowd. I can’t say i remember M-Dot but the crowd definitely had a good time. Even the Mayor showed his face to impart a few words to you youth of Boston.

P.S. Just a few words of advice… if you’d like to get a better view of the performance get there early. Also, there’s no seating so wear comfy shoes since you’ll be standing on cold hard concrete for a few hours.

Enough about last year, what’s happening this year?

~ We’ll, it’s still FREE! so there’s no reason you shouldn’t check it out.

~ Sound system – For an outdoor Hip Hop muisc festival on City Hall Plaza the speakers are pretty good.

~ Live music outdoors – If you haven’t been to an outdoor music festival for the summer you need to get on it.

Aaaandddd… you get to share some personal space with other Boston hip hop enthusiasts.

See you there Peeps!

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Lower Allston Bridge Graffiti

There’s something about the Lower Allston to Allston footbridge that I love. Perhaps it’s the randomness of the art work. Or maybe it’s because it’s always morphing with new additions every few weeks. Here’s a collage of some of the tags that are on the Lower Allston side.