DIY Fest Recap

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If you weren’t at the Allston DIY Fest this past weekend you missed out on a pretty epic movement. I don’t have an official count of the number of people in attendance but if I had to estimate I’d say there was well over 300 people who enjoyed the festivities. From Jamaica Plain to Somerville, residents from the greater Boston metro area came to check out the festival. There was food, entertainment, art, hoola hooping, skill sharing, and free stuff! Who could ask for more on a Saturday afternoon. The day began with some rain which cleared out soon enough. The bike powered sound stage was emitting the sounds of various artists including Melodeego and Brunt of It while up at the Acoustic Hill Hang Sonny Jim, The Hogstompers, and Mornin’ Old Sport played some melodious melodies. Delicious food was provided and served by the lovely volunteers of Food Not Bombs. Commonwheels Bike Coop facilitated a fix-a-flat workshop while my friend learned how to make sauerkraut and others took part in a First Aid workshop and a radical self defense training. Some local, well known organizations  also showed their support for community building and sharing knowledge.  The free market was bountifully free and the art was a plenty. If you haven’t figured it out already, you should probably be prepared for next year’s Allston DIY Fest.

Before you check out a handful of the photos I took this weekend, I have to say that I couldn’t be any more proud of the people that dedicated their time and energy to put together such a successful event on no budget. As a person employed in the non-profit sector I know for a fact that it takes share creativity, networking, and dedication to have an amazing event such as this one.  Also, a shout out is due to the multitude of people who came out to show their support for anti-oppressive, community building, educating, and sharing. Without the attendees the event wouldn’t have been successful and the message wouldn’t have been as powerful.

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Links to explore further:

Brunt of It 


Mornin’ Old Sport

The Hogstompers

Heather Foxwell

Tom Hart



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