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My roommate told me I had to check out the SoWa Vintage Market once she found out I enjoyed art, thrifting, and vintage markets.  After my second trip to the market, I decided not keep this place to myself. The SoWa Vintage Market is a great activity for a laid back Sunday afternoon activity from now until December 18th. I shouldn’t have to mention the given the state of the economy today and the importance of purchases that are friendly on your pockets. Here’s just a couple of reasons why you should make your way to the SoWa Vintage Market in the South End.

Funky finds


Now, this depends on your definition of funky but you can stumble across some pretty interesting things at this vintage market – especially if you enjoy having a one of a kind classic item that fits right into today’s trends but don’t like giving up an arm and a leg for it. You might even find something for this holiday’s gift swap at work ;).


Trinket’s galore

You can find bountiful amounts of trinkets to suite your fancy for any occasion. You can find anything from classic pearls to shiny brooches.



Antique collectibles

Well, obviously it wouldn’t be a vintage market without antique collectibles! Whether you enjoy collecting spoons, vintage cameras, keys, or fine china, you’ll probably find something to enhance your collection.


Table adornments galore



Got to love those center pieces that become talking pieces. There are a few at market that are bound to catch your attention and compliment your living room.



Eclectic Furnishings


If you have large amounts of empty wall space, your  living room that needs a lil pizzaz, or you just like changing up your apt/house decor you’ll probably find something to compliment your vintage style.



Inexpensive duds


Who doesn’t like inexpensive clothing? This is great opportunity for you aspiring designers and DIY fashionistas can find items to enhance your wardrobe.




Window shopper’s delight
I know I’m not the only one on a tight budget these days. It’s harder to get that buyers guilt feeling if you know you found it at a vintage market.

Go Green!
Need I say more about the value of jumping onto the “Green” bandwagon these days? You can leave the Vintage Market feeling happy about your “new” find and feel like a superhero all in one day.

Rotating Dealers
You’re never stuck with the same stuff. You can pass by an see any of the cool finds their rotating dealers come across in their adventures into various estates around the country.

Rain or Shine
You won’t have to worry about what the weather’s up to if you want to check out SOWAs vintage market because it’s all indoors!

Located @:
460C Harrison Ave
(gps address is 369 Albany St)
Boston, MA 02118

If you’ve been to the SoWa Vintage Market before, share some of your awesome finds with us below!







2 thoughts on “SOWA Vintage Market – Small Finds

    C said:
    July 16, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog. Great information and what I was looking for, too! Just visiting from Detroit for the first time.

      Real World Newb responded:
      July 16, 2011 at 8:30 pm

      Great! I’m really happy you found it useful! Hope you have a great time!

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