MFA Boston, Chihuly Exhibit

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Word of advice – believe the hype. When I first started seeing the advertisements around town for the Chihuly Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston I thought, “gotta see.” I’ve been a fan of glass art since discovering one of my favorite stores in Huntingdon, PA, Vintage Art Glass. Over the years, I’ve collected a handful of beautiful pieces and even tried my hand at making my own glass pieces. Now, I didn’t create beautiful blown glass pieces like Chihuly, but I did make a few pieces of jewelry and even a small plate like dish. I thought going to the exhibit would be interesting but didn’t realize the level of glass work Chihuly did. The first attempt to see it was unsuccessful because my friend and I attempted to pay a visit during the Free Wednesday’s after it had only been on exhibit for a month. The exhibit had reached maximum capacity =(.  I didn’t give up though. The next two times I visited the museum I made sure swing on by. As a person who enjoys beautiful, vibrant colors and funky shapes I was intrigued by the work that the artist did. I believe some of the pieces are quite playful and the variance of the colors are meant to evoke a cheerful response. Most of his pieces are massive in size and comprised of different sizes, shapes, and colors. My favorite part of the exhibit was being able to lay under the roof of glass and gaze at the work from different angles. My friend, seeking a true artistic experience laid down on the floor, soon, myself and other museum visitors spent time diving into the mass of glass. People all around the world get to see various collections of Chihuly’s artwork. The exhibit in Boston includes pieces that probably aren’t in other Chihuly exhibits you might come by. Point is, you should stop by the MFA to check out this exhibit before it leaves on August 7th. A regular museum visit for a non-member adult is $22, students and seniors $20, and youth under 6 are free!. When organizing your visit remember that “due to the gallery capacity and fragility of the objects, access to “Chihuly” will be limited during high traffic periods, including weekends and Wednesday evenings. Consider a weekday visit!”

View from the floor

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