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“Mystery of Iniquity,” Lauryn Hill. Just Listen.

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“The truth is obsolete. Only two positions:Victimizer or Victim. Both end up in destruction trusting this crooked system. “

Listen to the words of this wise woman.

Photo of the Month

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Jessica Care Moore, ‘Warriors Walk Alone’ on Def Poetry Jam

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DIY Fest Recap

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If you weren’t at the Allston DIY Fest this past weekend you missed out on a pretty epic movement. I don’t have an official count of the number of people in attendance but if I had to estimate I’d say there was well over 300 people who enjoyed the festivities. From Jamaica Plain to Somerville, residents from the greater Boston metro area came to check out the festival. There was food, entertainment, art, hoola hooping, skill sharing, and free stuff! Who could ask for more on a Saturday afternoon. The day began with some rain which cleared out soon enough. The bike powered sound stage was emitting the sounds of various artists including Melodeego and Brunt of It while up at the Acoustic Hill Hang Sonny Jim, The Hogstompers, and Mornin’ Old Sport played some melodious melodies. Delicious food was provided and served by the lovely volunteers of Food Not Bombs. Commonwheels Bike Coop facilitated a fix-a-flat workshop while my friend learned how to make sauerkraut and others took part in a First Aid workshop and a radical self defense training. Some local, well known organizations  also showed their support for community building and sharing knowledge.  The free market was bountifully free and the art was a plenty. If you haven’t figured it out already, you should probably be prepared for next year’s Allston DIY Fest.

Before you check out a handful of the photos I took this weekend, I have to say that I couldn’t be any more proud of the people that dedicated their time and energy to put together such a successful event on no budget. As a person employed in the non-profit sector I know for a fact that it takes share creativity, networking, and dedication to have an amazing event such as this one.  Also, a shout out is due to the multitude of people who came out to show their support for anti-oppressive, community building, educating, and sharing. Without the attendees the event wouldn’t have been successful and the message wouldn’t have been as powerful.

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Links to explore further:

Brunt of It 


Mornin’ Old Sport

The Hogstompers

Heather Foxwell

Tom Hart


Spoken Word by Black Ice

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“We live in a beautiful world but ugly souls push the buttons.”

Allston DIY Fest

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You can’t tell me that the flyer above doesn’t grab your attention. If you need something free and cheap to do this weekend? Head over to the Allston DIY Fest at Ringer Park. Two words – Free Everything. You can take your time rolling out of bed since the festival is this Saturday, July 23rd, from 10am to 6pm. But don’t wait too long, you’ll miss all of the good stuff! Bring your friends and family because this event is open to everyone of all ages. It must be noted that while everyone is welcome, “racism, sexism, agism, classism, sizeism, ableism, transphobia and homophobia are uncool and unwelcome!!!” Basically, this is a safe space that is free  of all types of oppression so everyone can have a great time together!

I’m sure I don’t really need to do any convincing past that but I might as well go ahead and share a few reasons why.

#1. Volunteer Run. Organized by a ton of pretty bad ass people who volunteer their time to sharing knowledge and bringing people together. One of the organizers is my roommate and I’ve seen some of the background time and dedication that it takes to organize an event like this together. Shout out to her and everyone else that do awesome things like this for no monetary compensation.

#2. Knowledge Sharing. Education is already too expensive. Why pay for it when you can can get it for free? There will be workshops and skill shares to attend. From fixing a flat to feminism in the media to home brewing. You’ll be able to walk away with newfound knowledge.

#3. Free Market. Yes, I just used to amazing words. I know I’m not the only one who suffers from buyers guilt after I walk out of the store. There is going to be tons of items up for dibs at the festival. Bring an eco-friendly tote bag to take something home in!

#4. Music and other Artists. About 12 different local bands will be playing through a bike generated sound system to get you moving. About 8 acoustic bands will also be entertaining you with their melodious melodies. You can even bring your instrument to jam along with new peeps.

#5. Local Organizations. Get connected with your local area organization’s that do great work. Stop by to see what they’re up to. Use this opportunity to sign up to volunteer or just learn about the cool things the local organizations are up to.

PLUS… You get to meet a whole bunch of cool people like yourself 😉

Find the DIY Fest on Facebook or check out the blog!

The Revolution Remixed

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Remix on the classic Gil Scott-Heron poem “The Revolution Will Not be Televised.” See my earlier tribute to Gil here.


MFA Boston, Chihuly Exhibit

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Word of advice – believe the hype. When I first started seeing the advertisements around town for the Chihuly Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston I thought, “gotta see.” I’ve been a fan of glass art since discovering one of my favorite stores in Huntingdon, PA, Vintage Art Glass. Over the years, I’ve collected a handful of beautiful pieces and even tried my hand at making my own glass pieces. Now, I didn’t create beautiful blown glass pieces like Chihuly, but I did make a few pieces of jewelry and even a small plate like dish. I thought going to the exhibit would be interesting but didn’t realize the level of glass work Chihuly did. The first attempt to see it was unsuccessful because my friend and I attempted to pay a visit during the Free Wednesday’s after it had only been on exhibit for a month. The exhibit had reached maximum capacity =(.  I didn’t give up though. The next two times I visited the museum I made sure swing on by. As a person who enjoys beautiful, vibrant colors and funky shapes I was intrigued by the work that the artist did. I believe some of the pieces are quite playful and the variance of the colors are meant to evoke a cheerful response. Most of his pieces are massive in size and comprised of different sizes, shapes, and colors. My favorite part of the exhibit was being able to lay under the roof of glass and gaze at the work from different angles. My friend, seeking a true artistic experience laid down on the floor, soon, myself and other museum visitors spent time diving into the mass of glass. People all around the world get to see various collections of Chihuly’s artwork. The exhibit in Boston includes pieces that probably aren’t in other Chihuly exhibits you might come by. Point is, you should stop by the MFA to check out this exhibit before it leaves on August 7th. A regular museum visit for a non-member adult is $22, students and seniors $20, and youth under 6 are free!. When organizing your visit remember that “due to the gallery capacity and fragility of the objects, access to “Chihuly” will be limited during high traffic periods, including weekends and Wednesday evenings. Consider a weekday visit!”

View from the floor

SOWA Vintage Market – Small Finds

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My roommate told me I had to check out the SoWa Vintage Market once she found out I enjoyed art, thrifting, and vintage markets.  After my second trip to the market, I decided not keep this place to myself. The SoWa Vintage Market is a great activity for a laid back Sunday afternoon activity from now until December 18th. I shouldn’t have to mention the given the state of the economy today and the importance of purchases that are friendly on your pockets. Here’s just a couple of reasons why you should make your way to the SoWa Vintage Market in the South End.

Funky finds


Now, this depends on your definition of funky but you can stumble across some pretty interesting things at this vintage market – especially if you enjoy having a one of a kind classic item that fits right into today’s trends but don’t like giving up an arm and a leg for it. You might even find something for this holiday’s gift swap at work ;).


Trinket’s galore

You can find bountiful amounts of trinkets to suite your fancy for any occasion. You can find anything from classic pearls to shiny brooches.



Antique collectibles

Well, obviously it wouldn’t be a vintage market without antique collectibles! Whether you enjoy collecting spoons, vintage cameras, keys, or fine china, you’ll probably find something to enhance your collection.


Table adornments galore



Got to love those center pieces that become talking pieces. There are a few at market that are bound to catch your attention and compliment your living room.



Eclectic Furnishings


If you have large amounts of empty wall space, your  living room that needs a lil pizzaz, or you just like changing up your apt/house decor you’ll probably find something to compliment your vintage style.



Inexpensive duds


Who doesn’t like inexpensive clothing? This is great opportunity for you aspiring designers and DIY fashionistas can find items to enhance your wardrobe.




Window shopper’s delight
I know I’m not the only one on a tight budget these days. It’s harder to get that buyers guilt feeling if you know you found it at a vintage market.

Go Green!
Need I say more about the value of jumping onto the “Green” bandwagon these days? You can leave the Vintage Market feeling happy about your “new” find and feel like a superhero all in one day.

Rotating Dealers
You’re never stuck with the same stuff. You can pass by an see any of the cool finds their rotating dealers come across in their adventures into various estates around the country.

Rain or Shine
You won’t have to worry about what the weather’s up to if you want to check out SOWAs vintage market because it’s all indoors!

Located @:
460C Harrison Ave
(gps address is 369 Albany St)
Boston, MA 02118

If you’ve been to the SoWa Vintage Market before, share some of your awesome finds with us below!






Thrifting @ Buffalo Exchange, Allston

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My friend introduced me Buffalo Exchange when I first moved to Boston a year ago and ever since then I’ve been going back. It is my favorite thrift stores to shop at in Boston. It’s not as cheap as a Goodwill but that’s the difference between a consignment shop and place like Goodwill. Recently, while browsing the racks I came across a dress that I’d seen about a week ago hanging on the racks at H&M. Now, if you’re shopping at a thrift store you’re probably not just looking to find the same items you can get at any of the generic clothing stores, you’re looking for something a different. I’ve found some of my favorite summer clothing staples.

Floral print skirt w/ slip and ties
Black silk lace poncho
Classic summer staple - shorts!
Bicycle necklace and peace sign dog tags with peace sign and heart charms










Shopping at BE has encouraged me to become a little more adventurous with my style. This is probably because I can try a new style without feeling like I’m making a huge investment into a new experiment. I’m not a small girl but I’m not a big one either and I can find a handful of things in my size.This is great because I usually have a hard time finding things for my body shape. I even found a favorite few favorite jewelry pieces from there as well.

Another reason why I can wholeheartedly support Buffalo Exchange other than the fact that it offers you quality attire but also a place that wants to serve a purpose. The two founders, still running the business from day to day, believe that Buffalo’s Exchange’s purpose is to:

…lead the resale fashion industry, provide a livelihood for its employees, a fair return to its owners and achieve sustainable profitability by:

  • Being the most beneficial place for its customers to buy, sell and trade new and recycled clothing
  • Having a rewarding workplace
  • Acting with integrity
  • Being self-righting
  • Functioning in a socially responsible manner
  • Promoting fun and enjoyment

You can’t go wrong with a company that wants to promote fun and enjoyment! As an added bonus, if you bring your own bag, you get to donate 5 cents to any of the 3 local profits they help to support. Shopping and supporting the public sector. Good stuff. I’ve taken many of my friends there and all of them can attest to the quality of choices offered at Buffalo Exchange and I think you should go there too!


Somerville’s Artbeat

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The solution to your “What should I do this weekend?” question is obvious – attend the Somerville Artbeat Festival. I hear it’s supposed to be nice out!

According to the Somerville Arts Countil, the  Somerville Arbeat, is “the areas most innovative arts festival.” There will be something from varying genres of music, dancing, puppets, acrobatics, storytelling, interactive activities, a parade, and the best of all …(drumroll please)… FOOD! hah What’s a festival with out some grub? Also, you’ll have an opportunity to show your gratitude by supporting the festival by purchasing a $3 dogtags from the volunteers.

6:30pm -10pm on Friday, July 15th

1:00pm – 5pm on  Saturday, July 16th

You can find a schedule and description of of all the events and the participating artists here.

Source: Somerville Arts Council

Free Fun Friday

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Don’t forget to reserve some time to check out the Free Fun Friday opportunity for this week – the Museum of Science. Going! There’s something for all the different curious minds out there. Log onto here for a list of current exhibits.

Positive bathroom stall graffiti?

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Gotta love it. =)

“I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”
"You have the power to make your life exciting."

Breakdancing Stencil

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Breakdancing Graffiti

Graffiti + Skateboarding = Art

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Gotta love the intersecting ideas in this video. Combining graffiti with skateboarding is an ingenious idea.

Source: Crazy/Sexy/Cool? Painting a Pool With Skateboards

Hydrant 365 Days Later

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About a year ago I visited this hydrant. I posted a photo of this same hydrant here. It’s incredible how much transformation has occurred since then isn’t it? 

Hydrant Transformation

Empire Graffiti

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In honor of 4th of July in NYC and the last night of my vacation, I thought I’d post a little something symbolic.

Empire Graffiti

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Bosphorus, Turkey

Beautiful photograph. The End.

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Located Near: The Williamsburg Bridge by Essex Street and Delancy Street in good ole NYC

Mars Bar Graffiti

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I’m not too sure  but this bar is a punk bar in NYC.  According to the graffiti outside, it’s supposed to be torn down for condos?

Located @: 25 East 1st Street good ole NYC