Free Artsy Activities around town?

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As you know by now, I love art and try to consume it for free as much as possible. I recommend visiting the MFA as an activity you should include in your life at least once a month. Ok, so that might be a little ridiculous but you should at least check out the MFA of Boston at least once. This Friday – July 1st for the first Free Fun Fridays of 2011. Each summer, the Highland Street Foundation helps to fun FREE opportunities at local area institutions of culture. Find out about Free Fun Friday at the MFA here.If you can’t catch it next month, there’s always Wednesday’s when admission is free!

I’ve actually be able to see a traveling exhibit or two on Free Wednesday’s. Donation is requested but not necessary. I recommend donating even if it’s a pocket full of change because it’s free opportunities like these that allow everyone to appreciate the value of a local cultural institution.

I’ll be sharing some of my experiences at some of these institutions of the next coming months. Stay tuned! Until then, Download the Free Fun Friday event schedule!


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