1 Year Later…

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I’m on vacation in NY. Where else would I go other than to 5 Pointz. I hopped on the E train headed towards Manhattan and got off at 23rd and Ely. It’s a short trip from the train station to building which starts right underneath the 7 train. My best friend and I spent about and hour and half goofing off, taking photographs, and trying to identify where the graffiti from the last time we visited was located. Considering that it’s been a year since the last time we were there, a lot of the pieces closer to the bottom had changed. Probably 100 times since. As usual there were a few “writers” as one guy identified himself as preparing the wall for yet another piece. Over the next couple of day’s I’ll be sharing some of the photos I took. Mind you, I’m on vacation so I may fall behind, but I’ll try my best. Enjoy! 
5 Points Sunday
I ❤ You

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