5 Pointz Dos

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Tagged Hydrant
Tagged Hydrant


Here’s where I’m going to climb onto my soapbox .. * clomp clomp clop, shuffle papers, ahem * Honestly, I think 5 Pointz sealed my love of graffiti culture. A respected institution where artists can legally practice their craft, 5 Pointz carries years of history along it’s walls. To knock it down for the purpose of creating more dwellings in an already congested city is disrespectful. Reducing the building to anything less than it already is will be removing a legal and constructive opportunity for artists in the city. More likely than not, the city will pay the consequences by seeing a rise in illegal taggings. Please keep 5 POINTZ!

How can you help save 5 Pointz? For one, blog about it. After you reblog my post,  go one step further and sign a petition!


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