Tribute to 5 Pointz

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I realized that I referenced 5 Pointz in my earlier post about Graffiti Alley in Central Square but I hadn’t shared my experience at 5 Pointz in Long Island City, Queens. I stumbled upon (no relations to the website, happened naturally) this living gallery space while out on a trip to the P.S. 1 Museum when I saw a few artists leaving their signature pieces on the wall. I must say, I respect this space because they take graffiti seriously. 5 Pointz really considers the talent of the artist that use the walls as their gallery space. Unfortunately, 5 Pointz was to be torn down or will be torn down in the near future. It’s more important now than any other time to share this space with more people. Get down there and check it out! Over this week I’ll be posting different photos I took at the Pointz. Keep in mind these photos were taken about a year ago in July 2010.

5 Pointz
Through the barricade


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