Honan-Allston Library Art Gallery

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I’ve noticed I have a knack for stumbling upon free things. The Honan-Allston Library is just another example. I’d only visited the library about once or twice but never actually explored it until a few days ago. Considering I’m only about a 10 minute leisurely walk away, I’m slightly ashamed at how long it took me to figure out there was an artists gallery inside. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you’re a little nosy. Walk past all the books towards the back room and you’ll stumble upon the gallery space too. The installations vary depending on availability. Currently exhibited is the Allston-Brighton Art Exposition. A  group of local Allston artists a showcase their artwork in multiple mediums. Usually the current schedule lives on the BPL  Honan-Allston library calendar. It’s a free space for artists to exhibit their work. There’s even a auditorium that holds 80 people where receptions can be held. I’ll definitely keep the library in mind when I’m looking for a gallery space to exhibit my next photo project. Organized by the Friends of the Library and the head librarian, the gallery is truly a community space. Stop in next time you’re ready to check out a book or movie!

Located @:

300 N Harvard Street
(between Oxford St & Brainerd Rd)
Allston, MA 02134


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