450 Harrison Gallery – Galatea Fine Art Gallery

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Galatea Gallery
Galatea Gallery

What a great place to start a First Friday! I went to Galatea Gallery on an invite by one of my wonderful roommates. They told me I had to meet the Director of Galatea Gallery, Marjorie Kaye, because she was a pretty cool person. Who doesn’t want to bump into more pretty cool people in the day-to-day life?

What I liked about this gallery was the mixed media that it exhibits. For a gallery that exhibits quite a few artists at one time, the director and curator sure do use the space well. Personally I enjoy exhibits that sprinkle in something different amongst it’s walls. I appreciated about the Galatea gallery is that some of the pieces were intentionally placed in the midst of the room so you’d have no choice but to interact with it.  I’m usually the one person you see in a gallery or museum with my nose about 1 inch away from a piece looking for small indications of the artists style. I have a great appreciation for a three sixty degree view of some of the pieces.  Another characteristic of the Galatea that I appreciated was the diverse audience that the gallery attracts. Couples, older folk, college students, artists, and various friends of artists were enjoying the exhibited art work. Another pleasant addition to the experience was the presence of delightful finger foods and wine =q yum! Check out Marjorie’s website for colorful multidimensional pieces and stop by for a visit when you’re in the area!

Located at:

460B Harrison Ave., #B-6

Boston, MA 02118


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