Buckaroo’s Merchantile, Cambridge

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Thinking back to visiting Buckaroo’s Mercantile my first instinct is to giggle. There are so many cutsie and classic novelty items in the store to chuckle at. I probably chuckled through the whole store. If I had more money to blow I might have bought a lot more than a post card. Please visit the post card section and find one to mail to one of your friends. It’s bound to make someone blush, either the post man or the recipient. Maybe I’ll even send one to you ;). They’re affordable and come with a vintage burger wrapper purchase bag!  Other items sold in the store would be a great talking piece when folks stop by for a visit. There are plenty of things for that one vintage loving friend you have and the other that loves to collect one of a kind, quirky, items. If you can’t get to the physical store I recommend checking out their online store. If you’ve stopped by before, share it below!


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