@ Howard Yezerski Gallery – Jim Campbell’s Recent

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Cool LED bulbs of light

These little bulbs of twinkling lights are super cool and slightly too complex for me to explain but I’ll do my best. The easiest way it was understood to me was explained to me by a 6 year old boy who was wandering around the gallery.  “They’re  little programmed balls of light!” That’s as simple as it’ll get but the concept is pretty interesting. Each LED light had to programmed individually and timed so that when you looked at it from afar it appears that shadows of figures are passing through the lights. It’s definitely an installation that you can easily watch trying to identify the different human like shapes that glide by.

The layout of the room really helps to bring the pieces together. You walk into a dark room not really sure about what to expect. Once your eyes adjust the different pieces command their own attention but also seem communicate with one another. The artist, Jim Cambell’s background in engineering definitely shows in that it takes and understanding of programming to be able to create pieces that use light they way they do. I can’t do a better job of explaining his use of light to create shadowy images of moving people. So go see it!


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