@ Boston Sculptors Gallery- Where Am I? and Repair

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Andy Zimmermann’s, Where Am I?

Andy Zimmermann used basic mediums to create his installation for his Where Am I? exhibition. Mirrors are something most of us use every day. Whether to check ourselves before we present ourselves to the world or while we’re driving around town. Reflections play an important role in Zimmermann’s pieces. The arrangement of the mirror encourages the viewer to be contemplative and playful. His installations fill negative space in creative ways.  With long spindly pieces of metal cleverly attached to speakers that emit various levels of sound from multiple speakers which are timed to go off at different intervals. He creates a feeling of movement from every direction of the room. A soft voice drifts from the speakers, metal leaves rustle and bounce off of one another and you are here, there, and nowhere.

I loved the fact that his installation incorporated both sound and silence between the different elements of his installation. Something I also liked about this installation was that he reinterpreted a piece for another exhibit, Pflanze, into his current exhibit, Where Am I?. Lastly, Andy was there to talk with my friends and I about his pieces, giving us a in-depth perspective how he created his pieces. In my personal opinion, there is very  little things more valuable in an artistic experience other than speaking with the artist.

Benjamin S. Cariens, Repair


How would I describe Benjamin Cariens’ installation? Beautifully constructed raw emotion. Some of the pieces are cathartic while slightly disturbing. Cariens’ usage of both positive and negative elements in his work creates a ghostly type of presence. He most effectively integrated reconstruction with deconstruction. It almost feels as though each piece reflects a different event or moment in his life that he’s responding to. You can’t help but lean in close to check out the fine details of his pieces. Take your time to absorb each component of his installation. I can ramble on and on about my interpretations but it’s best you go see for yourself. Both installations are up until May 22nd!


2 thoughts on “@ Boston Sculptors Gallery- Where Am I? and Repair

    Benjamin Cariens said:
    July 4, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    Well Newb –
    What a pleasant surprise to find this well considered response to my recent exhibition at the Boston Sculptors Gallery. Always heartening to feel that the work has truly been seen and that connections have been fostered.

    Thank you very much,
    Benjamin Cariens

    Real World Newb responded:
    July 4, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Mr. Cariens,
    I’m happy you stumbled upon my review. It was a great exhibit and my post genuinely reflects that. Thank you for taking your time to converse with my friends an I about your work.

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