Month: May 2011

Get ‘er done!

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On my usual weekend adventure, I discovered something that I should have concluded a long time ago. I was sitting on a bench after a nice walk along the Charles River this weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and some time alone. It’s a great place to gather your thoughts and come to a conclusion or two about your life (if you let it happen). I sat for a while watching various couplings of people boating by. Some where in single person kayaks, others were in small speed boats, and then there were a few in canoes. One particular family of 5 (two little ones included) in one canoe struggled for 5 or more minutes to coordinate their efforts to move. Just move. What neither of them realized was that none of their paddles where in the water. They were going nowhere fast.  What I realized is: there are some moments in life when you have [the people], the boat, the paddle, and the water; but the paddle’s not in the water, so you’re not going anywhere.

How many times have we felt like we have all the necessary tools in life but we’re just not getting anywhere? Let’s make moves people! If you’ve got all the necessary tools at your disposal. What are you waiting for?

“Get things done!”


Gemineye @ Def Poetry Jam

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Ode to the poets! Gemineye is one of my favorite spoken word poets. Genius! Check out his poem, Poetic Bloodiness

Tommy Bottom @ Def Jam Poetry

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‎”Don’t stop hustling, just change your hustle.” His message about the street hustle being a form economics is dope. He’s encouraging the corner hustlers to put their economic knowledge of the streets towards something that’s going to bring them more than temporary value.

Boston Skyline

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One of my favorite recurring moments in Boston is riding on the Redline between Downtown Boston and the Hahhhvad Yahhd. I love experiencing the skyline on different days, in different lights, and under varying weather conditions. I always take a few moments to check out the skyline right before the Charles MGH stop on the Redline. On a day like this, 70 degrees, mostly sunny with a light breeze, it’s beautiful! Unlike the NY, NY skyline which I’m pretty familiar with as a native New Yorker, it’s quaint and just right. With the Charles River in the foreground it’s a pretty sweet site to behold. What’s your favorite spot to check out the Boston skyline from?

Buckaroo’s Merchantile, Cambridge

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Thinking back to visiting Buckaroo’s Mercantile my first instinct is to giggle. There are so many cutsie and classic novelty items in the store to chuckle at. I probably chuckled through the whole store. If I had more money to blow I might have bought a lot more than a post card. Please visit the post card section and find one to mail to one of your friends. It’s bound to make someone blush, either the post man or the recipient. Maybe I’ll even send one to you ;). They’re affordable and come with a vintage burger wrapper purchase bag!  Other items sold in the store would be a great talking piece when folks stop by for a visit. There are plenty of things for that one vintage loving friend you have and the other that loves to collect one of a kind, quirky, items. If you can’t get to the physical store I recommend checking out their online store. If you’ve stopped by before, share it below!

@ The Corner

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I’m not sure how to describe this house that sits on the corner of Brookline Street and Franklin Street in Cambridge. It’s right around the corner from Middle East and hard to miss. It’s covered in bright colors, quotes, and doodles. You might actually want to set aside about 30 minutes to fully envelop the fence and the building itself. I didn’t go any further than the peering over the fence because I’m pretty sure it’s private property but I would have loved to learn more about what was going on at it. I can’t seem to find anything online identifying what this place is and what it’s all about. But perhaps that’s the point. If you know what it’s relation to community is, drop me a line below!

House on the corner

City of Cambridge Mosaics

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Street Mosaic

Just a little something I stumbled across that I had to share out of pure biased love of mosaics. There’s a few of them embedded into the sidewalk. It’s part of a project that Mike Mandel contributed to improve Brookline Street in Cambridge. There are 12 in total in about a half mile radius. To find out more about here. The cool thing about the pieces in his series is that the representative of the history of the area. The guy in this photo is famous for developing some of the technology used in some of the largest refracting telescopes.  Interested in meandering the rest of the route? Check out the other mosaics you can visit. One down 11 more to go.