Month: April 2011

Graffiti Alley, Central Square

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Remember... Smile Everyday

As a supporter of graffiti art, I had to pay homage to the 5 Pointz of Boston – Graffiti Alley. Now I’m not sure if it carries the same status as that of 5 Pointz but it’s still worth a mention.  If you’re going to check out Graffiti Alley, take your time getting it to it because you might pass it. Located in an alleyway near Libby’s Liquor Mart, you might feel a little apprehensive about walking down a random alley a stranger tells you to visit. But there’s a pleasant surprise, especially during the day. There are transparent, colored awnings over-hanging the alley. On a clear sunny day the sun casts colorful hues across the artwork. The day I visited the alley, a handful of eccentrically dressed young people were posed alongside the wall while a photographer was preparing to roll by on a skateboard while taking their photographs. Sensing that their work in progress was more important than my explorations, I continued along my journey; planning to come back later.

Patience sometimes yields good rewards. Some of those rewards happen to be nature itself. When I went back to take some photos of the alley, the moonlight was shining brightly in the background. It was one of “those moments.”

Located @: Alley off of Libby’s Liquor Mart

Sign of the times
Moonlight Graffiti Night
Classic D oh F

In the Groove

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Rolling, Rolling




Kinetic energy

Moist skin

Glowing energy

Rhythmic and purposeful, intense and intentional

Mindless movements of sound induced convulsions in response to calls from the base

Intimate vertical experiences between souls

Elevated electrics

Freak lightening between brain cavities

Dig it?

It digs you

Skittles have never been more revelant

Cause you and I taste the like the rainbow

~ KH & JD

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What are the SYMPTOMS of your HAPPINESS?

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