Month: February 2011

What makes us different?

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I keep wondering, and so do many others, what makes us different from the average lion, tiger, or bear.
The answer is simple. It’s got nothing to do with DNA, or insight, hell – not even intelligence.
It comes down to intentional destruction.I’ll develop these thoughts more … stay tuned


Haiku 7

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New music is like
A deep refreshing breath of
Fresh air for the soul

Missed Connection

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Hair tussled softly
A natural
Bed head
Gentle Smirk
Incomplete facial hair
Dedicated five long minutes
To hear my vocal chords rattle against his ear drum
300 of his precious seconds dedicated to my cause
Solo soul
I’d like to steal a little of your not so “free” time
Kind, empathetic eyes directed towards my being
Presses the small paper into a miniscule square
Places the incomplete form into his pocket
And disappears


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..a doodle will do


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When there is no paper left,
How will I save my stories?
When there is no ink left,
How will I translate my minds eye?
When there is no mike to listen,
How will I share my voice?
When there is no platform,
How will I guide my people?
When there is no you,
Where will I be?
When there is no land,
Where will my legacy live?
When there is no voice,
How will I know of your existence?
When I can no longer feel that heart beat upon the underside of my chest,
How will I feel for you?

Haiku – Turquoise

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Turquoise painted nails
Pressing beautiful daisy’s
Preserving beauty