Month: January 2011

Haiku – Black

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Loneliness hurts more
When there’s freedom to explore
It’s dark corridors

Haiku – Orange

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Pregnant and juicy
Filled with small pockets of life
I spit them out

Ode to Trees (yes… trees)

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Are the most human-like of all lively things
Cut it
It bleeds
Pouring it’s life out from its flesh like bark
It scars
Wrinkles as it ages
Bows as it matures
Absorbs and reflects
The environment its reared in
Groans and bends
When faced with strong and uncontrollable forces
Eventually, it out grows its boundaries
Snaps under pressure
Provides shelter for those who seek comfort against its sturdy frame.

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Soft glow
Tucked in frozen fingers
Warm heart
Tumbling mind rests

Glub Glub

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I could drown myself in music for hours
Never to gasp a breath of silence

Meandering about my mind

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Between the reservoirs of my mind
Amongst the shade of my own thoughts
For meanings beyond myself and my understanding
My existence among my own thoughts
My subconscious thoughts
Placed fingers of curiosity place upon my minds eye
To find the deeper meaning of myself
To find out what exists beyond the recesses of my mind
Willing to challenge anything I’ve grown to know
That I will find the answer to the questions I have yet to ask and the ones that still remain unanswered.


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When did it all happen?
When now became past
And present became back then
When I went from a Sony Walkman to an iPod
When responsibilities didn’t exist
And time was actually by my side and not behind me
When it didn’t matter who I trusted
When I still had fate in US
Before US became me
When your disparity was my own