Moving to a new city! Ahhh!

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First of all…* Breathe *

I guess many of you might not take this leap right out of college. But for those who are considering it or have already made plans to do so – I have one piece of advice for you –
Ahem, here it goes… The best way to become comfortable and get to know your city is to get lost in it!

Find reasons to get out there and attend events. Try networking events – one of the best and least shady way to get to know people. Unless all networking projects share the same space – they’ll be located in different parts of a city. On you’re way there (unless you’re anal and already have exact directions to a T) you might get lost. As long as it’s during the day IT’S OKAY. You’ll just get to know you’re surroundings again. This SHOULD be a good way for you to get to know the city. Unless you’re body has not blessed you with a good sense of direction.

Find out the top places that tourists like to visit and go explore it! You’re bound to find some part of the culture of the city there. You’ll get a feel of the pace how friendly people are.

Since the invention of the internet you have no excuse to explore the boundaries outside of you’re neighborhood door.
Don’t be afraid… GET OUT THERE!


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