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I have an answer
To a question
That has been left unanswered

Why do women strut and parade themselves around?
That a mate will pay attention
While males eyes are constantly engourged by the ever present variety of women at his disposal

We scream
For attention
Displaying it metaphorically across our bodies
Making it easy for the undeserving to take advantage
Uncreative spirits write their desires across their bodies

Our bodies
By the testosterone flowing through his veins

Touching limbs
Signfy a physical connection with purposeful intention

Someone makes the first move
That this would be the connection that changes your world
Biologically he is hoping you’ll feel as good as you look

Bodies yearning
Getting increasingly more turned on by each others presence

But we can’t resist
The most powerful action
To hold back form the urge until you feel the energy pouring out of your being

To connect with another body

This… is exactly why we continue to play the games we play.


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