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I want to whisper the sweet nothings of my inner soul in your ear
I want to feed you the bitter taste of my pain
I want to thrust my creativity on top of you and take you into a world better than cuming
If you want, I can even have my words gather together and lick your intellectual in all sorts of sensuous ways
I plan on taking advantage of your entire body
Heighten all your senses until they are ready to explode
If you want, I can be kinky, I can tie you up in my convoluted thoughts and tease you relentlessly
Maybe blind fold you and have you really feel what I’m saying
I’m going to touch you soo deeply, even your inner most organs will shiver
I want to lick your cerebral cortex with words that will make your mind bend
I want you to reach the ultimate apex of ecstasy and feel my joy
I want you to breathe a sigh of relief from hearing someone who can speak the words that you can’t utter because I’ve got you speechless
I’ll make you touch my inner most secrets and kiss my desires while stroking my secrets
I promise not to scream when you find my innermost thoughts.
Mmmm … do you want me to stop?
Should I refrain from trying to turn you onto my poetic fire?
Should I stop teasing you with my words of passion?
Or should I continue to make your mind tingle?


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