Soul Music

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I am FEELing these beats right now
In a way thats indescribable
Got treble clefts on the mind
Wrapping itself in the crevices of my mind
Pulsating through my ears
Funneling through my soul
Stimulating my senses

Notes skip off of my imagination like rocks skipping across a still body of water
Each note crashing into me subliminal
Creating reverberations through my veins
Thumping.. sending electric pulses that
Making me shudder from the sheer pleasure surging through me
My brain drinking in every fluid ounce of passion and creativity
Empty reservoirs soaking in everything
Never satisfied… thirsty ..
for more music

So thirsty my soul begs for musical notes to be carved into every non-existent skin
Digesting … and craving more..


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