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Bump bump
Sun lightly burns my forehead as it shine through the window
Condiment colored paint cover the aged buildings
Seras para me
Swayin as my body follows the tire into the pot holes
Yo no se manana
The radio blares in the back ground
Foam padding from the ceiling falls lightly on to my sun drenched pantalones
The reflection from a young black female stares back at herself
Her gazes switch between vain glances at herself and the architecture of the Puerto Rican city she was visiting.
Wondering how long this current car ride would last and how long she would have to go on avoiding touching the person sittin next to her b/c her skin was sticky with sweat
Trying to understand the beautiful phrase the man on the radio was filling her ears with
Only makin out the few words she remembers from 4 years of spanish class
Her hip full of yearnin
Yearnin to roll and whine to the beat
Her gaze refocuses onto the reflection of the person staring back at her
Todo lo que ves es lo que soy
Everything you see is what I am
Quien puede saber lo que pasara mañana no hay nada escrito
As she zones in an out of the beauty of PR, she reminds herself to live life to the fullest


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