Move the Masses

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I wish I could write something to move the masses
Something so incredibly moving that I have to preface it by saying
“get ready”
I wanna spit something so hot and full of flavor it reminds your ears of hot fiya
I wanna write something that will inspire
Something that will empower and motivate
I wanna write something that will have you sayin HELL YES and AMEN
I wanna be the poet whose poetry is read long after I have left the stage
Something that will be recited by people across the globe
I wanna have my words written in stone
Hung above bed posts and in places where people who appreciate poetry gather to talk about poetry
I want to be the poet whose words are turned into music
I want my words to be posted everywhere on the internet
So ppl can copy and paste them into their profiles
I want my poetry to be read at poetry slams
But not by me
By someone who reads my poem with a different interpretation than what I had in mind
I want the words to be scream across a stage with a lyrical flow of a person passionate about poetry
I want my poem to be interpreted and reevaluated
Like the greats Poe and Dickinson
I wanna b the inspiration to someone who wants to write a poem
I hope that someday I can write a poem to move the masses


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