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Life would be worth living if u were here And I know it
Because I’d live it for you
Even if we were poor and had our love to live off of Id be okay
And I know it
I just want to know what your favorite color is
I want to know what your favorite pregnancy food was
What made you laugh
What did your laugh sounded like?
What color you painted your nails?
And how rough your hands were?
How you liked to style your hair
I want to know what you smelled like everyday.
I wish I knew your shoe size.. because I can only hope to fill your shoes
I want to remember a time when I told you I love you
I want to remember a time where I heard your voice
I want to remember what your touch feels like
To be embraced in your hug
I wish there was some guarantee after life that I would see you again
I wish I could share my accomplishments
I want to touch your skin and feel your life
Feel your energy
Have stories to tell about you
Actually, I just want to listen.. to hear your voice
I promise I’d appreciate your every breath
What values did you live your life by?
IF you were here …
But all I have is pictures
With empty feelings
No Sound, no touch, no smell, no emotion
U cant hug me from there.. where u sit
Forever frozen in time
Your now just a faded memory
Like a picture.. with all the color washed out
But I’m the only one left…
And if I had one wish..
I’d ask for your life back..
To give you a chance to breathe again… a chance for a fresh start..
Because no matter how hard life got… I’d know that I’d have you..
And I know I’d be okay..


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