Jam Session 4.3

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We rocked the steady beats of the drums and rocked the mic
Under foggy influences
We All jam to our own tune
Yet creatin something fly
Feeding the soul of our song with all the right notes
Heads bop shoulders sway as the beat immerses and buries itself in our souls
Down beats hand claps n undertones of voices
Soulful rhythms of our interconnected beings
The walls, the floor, the beams, the house absorb our creativity
Hips shake and sway bodies undulate
Unchoreographed synced movements
Amazing rhythms created from share essence of human emotion
Eyes closed, some glistening, heads tilted, lips lightly bitten
Hazy concentration
Multiple hues of pigmentation jam together
Dissolving all obvious barriers
Drowning prior histories of hostility
Resurrecting moments of progress
A memorable moment in our lives that could be eternal without complaint

This was written after a beautiful night when St. Francis College and Juniata’s creative energies came together in the basement of a house that was full of musical instruments.


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