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[A friend of mine was talking to me about a subject he was discussing in a business class. The topic eventually ended up with him asking me to sell myself to him. That’s where I got the idea for this piece]

If someone asked u to sell yourself to save ur life, what would u say?
How much money would you sell yourself for?
What are you worth?
What I am worth?

Things almost fall into focus as my mind processes …

What world has programmed me.. or u for that matter …
To think that selling myself could only be for sex?
Why should selling myself have a negative connotation?
Perhaps i can attribute it to my filthy mind…
Or maybe the phrase “sex sells”…

The sheaths of ice that my mind was encased in finally begin to melt and fall free of mental imprisonment This new.. progressive realization dawned on me
I begin to feel more positive about the value of my goods
My goods being the characteristics and personality traits that make up me…
The goodies encased in my thick 5’6”, x by x, frame of mine
The sweet, seedless, and succulent version of me
The fruit men would be lucky to find hidden among the bitter, bruised, and sour

Exucse me… while i take a minute to brag…

Should I tell prospective browsers that I have curves in places
The ones that have made many men turn his head?
Now.. vanity aside…
Should I inform him about my spontaneity or should I leave it up to him to see that with me… there is never a dull moment
Should I brag about the song ne yo dedicated to me … Miss independent?
My creativity… Not only the artistic side but also the side that gives me the opportunity to fully experience the gamete of humanity’s sexual desires and energies
Or Am I to show my intellect through a complex combination of vocabulary strung together in a mind numbing and tingling sentence?

And then … Then it dawned on me….

Why the hell should I have to sell myself?
The world should see me as I am..
A Dime
For a I pride myself in Todo lo que ves es lo que soy…

Nah… Fuck all the immature bullshit
I’m a.. Di .. Mond in the ruff
One that shouldn’t need a salesman’s pitch in order to be bought
To hell with sellin myself!
You can only find me in the finest of auctions…
Bid ur top price and I’ll let u kno if i’m satisfied



One thought on “FOR SALE

    Sophia S said:
    June 13, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    I think its great how you point out that the idea of “yourself” in “selling yourself” can mean more than what you have to offer sexually. Cuz its so true! I’d even take your approach a step further to get to your end conclusion… and that’s with the interpretation of what it is your “selling yourself” for. You could still ask yourself that question without money having to be what you are willing to giving “yourself” for.

    For example, if someone where to ask me how much Id sell myself for and they did mean in a sexual manor then I would give them such a list (hypothetically of course):

    I’d sell myself for a bargain price of monogamy, 25 romantic dates, 50 gentle kisses on my forehead, 30 gentle kisses on my nose, min of three months of holding my hand in public, unlimited calling to hear my problems as well as my triumphs, 25 events with family and/or friends, unlimited I love yous, etc.

    In the end, just be sure to know your worth and never “sell” it for less that what you want or deserve for “yourself”.

    Love your post!

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