[Episode 2 – Dimin’ on a Penny?]

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It’s no secret that when you graduate from school, you’re probably not making as much as you hoped you were. Like me, most of you are probably trying to keep afloat in this expensive world. Well, that’s if you don’t live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. In that case, getting by and looking good probably aren’t going to take up too much of your time (no offense). But that’s a general statement and of course does not apply to everyone.

After running home from work, I decided to take a trip to my local Goodwill store. I knew that I didn’t have much to spend and that I was looking for camisoles and skirts that I could wear to work.I walked in there with a dream.. and out with a bag of clothes (I know cheesy haha). 3 skirts, a comfy men’s sweater (the kind that fits you like a hug), a t-shirt, and a camisole. All for $26.33!! I feel like I walked out with a steal!

SN: I recommend that if you buy clothes from thrift stores or second hand stores that you wash them before wearing.(You’ve seen those creepy articles and videos about things burrowing under skin and what now) yuk!

Want a new outfit but don’t have the money in your pocket?
Try hitting up your local consignment store, thrift shop, or second hand store.
So, how do you save money while looking good?
Try bargain stores that sell whole sale clothing from last season for less like TJMaxx and Marshalls You can get names like Polo, Ralph Lauren, RocaWear, SouthPole, Gap, etc.
It’s a great place to find new clothes for work for less! Let’s not forget that they do have tons of other things. For those of you who love bags, they’re bag section is pretty enticing (XoXo, BCBG, Jessica Simpson, Michael Kors, etc).

Watch out for a slight addiction to the feeling of finding a cute outfit for a bargin haha.


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