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Spontaneously silent tears stream
Droplets of rain stream down my window
But not for the person in the accident that I creep by…
Not for the person who I quickly and silently say a prayer for
I pray for a person I don’t know…
I should be praying for myself…

Because the tears…

The tears…
Are for me
Tear’s for all of my pains and struggles
Each spherical droplet carries a story with in its walls

The heat from the car hood mixes with humid air
Creating whimsical like steam
The bass sends vibrations through seats and up my spine

Droplets on the window
Droplets on my face

Hopefully foggy windows hide my pain from the rest of the world
Encased in my two thousand pound bubble

I feel safe
Aware yet unaware

Hearing my thoughts over the music that screams around me
Bass determining the rhythm of my heart beat
Cars blur by
Headlights force their way into my space
Windshield wipers thud quietly

Need.. to free ..my mind

I search for clarity through the fog in my head
While I peer outside through the fog on the windows

Zone back in…

Just to narrowly escape a collision
They weren’t paying attention
I wasn’t paying attention
The taste of peanut chews on my teeth

And a reminder about the simple… fragile … painful… beauty…
Of life


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