To be completed

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I got tons of poems.
I got fat poems, I got wack poems, I got strong poems and I got weak ones.
I got ones that are meant to punch you and your face and ones that are meant to caress your soul.
I got powerful poems and I’ve got timid ones.
I’ve got poems that contain words that are meant to bite u in your ass.
Ones that are meant to make you taste my reality.
I’ve got poems to leave you speechless and ones to make you talk about me.
But most of all I have … “to be completed” poems.
To be completed are the ones that come from random moments of thought and creativity. My to be completed poems sometimes hint at my deepest fear or scream my raging passions.
Poems that I have goals for… I have Goals to turn them into various forms and masterpieces.
They are poems that I have plans for.
Plans to rock your world and sink your ship. Poems about life and about strife.
I got so many poems that I plan on getting back to.
Poems like this one… the ones where I found the flow but couldn’t find the time to make it flow.
The ones that I took the time to put down on paper but didn’t have the time to put into my soul.
But some of the best poems are the “to be completed” poems.
The ones that you find on scraps of paper are some of the best poems.
They’re the ones that scratch the surface of your soul. The first lines are sometimes better than foreplay.
They wait, to be molded into something that will force you to let go and let your mind flow.
I searched and tried to find the beauty in my “to be completed” poem and I found the one that I could make flow.
In writing this poem, I found a poem.
A poem about not finishing my poems.

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